Payment Details

To make an online credit card payment, you must have a balance owing that includes account items due within the next 45 days or outstanding items due from the last five years.

If you are currently using 12 pre-authorized payments to pay for an account item – for example your insurance – your payment is already set up to be automatically withdrawn and you are not eligible to make an online credit card payment for that item. You can make an online credit card payment for other account items not on a 12 pre-authorized payment plan.

If you have a reassessment payment restriction on your account, you are not eligible to make an online credit card payment for your first payment instalment. Subsequent payments can be made online with a credit card. For more information about your payment restriction, see the letter attached to your annual statement of account.

If you would like to specify where your payment is allocated, please visit an Autopac agent.

Your online payment amount will automatically be allocated to the applicable items in the following order:

* Policy items are any charges related to vehicle registration and/or insurance. Customer items are all other charges, such as driver’s licence charges, late fees, etc.

Please contact an Autopac agent for more information.